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explosion at a bart station. good evening. i'm alan wang. >> i'm ama dates. it happened at the civic center bart station in san francisco. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is there live with the latest. thomas? >> ama, alan, san francisco police and fire departments responded to reports of an explosion at the civic center bart station as though it were an intentional bombing. what they and bart riders couldn't though is that incidents like what happened today are fairly common. while he waits for his bart train he glances at a wall that makes him wary about taking bart.
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>> i was scared because i thought something might be wrong with the train or something. >> reporter: the appearance -- gite appearance of the bomb squad and fire and emergency vehicles arriving on sunday afternoon might have scared him even more. at about 1:30, reports went out that an explosion had gone off as it entered the station. and then there was talk the train was derailed. the real cause was something not out of the ordinary, a massive electrical short. >> no one wants to hear a loud noise from the train. what passengers should know is this happens from time to time, and we do know the steps to take to make sure everything was safe. >> the steps bart took was to evacuation the station. police and fire evacuated the area around a 8th and market and closed it to traffic. emergency crews did not know this sometimes happens on bart tracks. they treated it as something more sin sister. the division fire chief says police made an immediate assessment. >> the police did an investigation and there does president seem any apparent criminal intent.
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>> the incident did not rise to the level of the response, but welcomed it anyway. >> there was a simple electric short, so maybe that response wasn't needed, but it is always better to have that than not have it. >> now, the fire department says that one person possibly suffered from smoke inhalation during the incident. bart says the offending bart car has been taken to the bart yard and will be repaired. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement. and marches are planned in 30 cities across the u.s. in san francisco, protesters are setting up tents in front of the bank of america building on california street. they plan on protesting what they feel is the economic injustice caused by big banks. more protests are expected tomorrow in the bay area including one at the wells fargo bank near the downtown berkeley bart station.
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san francisco's financial district there will be a demonstration at one market plaza and pg&e headquarters on market street. also another one at the war memorial on van ness. chicago teachers will return to the picket lines for at least two more days after union leaders declined to suspend their strike. the chicago mayor asked city attorneys to seek a court order that would force teachers back to work. union leaders claim they need more time to review the city's latest contract proposal. the strike affects more than 350,000 students in america's third largest school system. motel guests returned to their rooms after police coaxed a wanted man to surrender peacefully. the highway patrol went to the motel 6 on mowery avenue looking for a man suspected it of leading officers on a chase. a license plate check linked to to -- linked a car to the suspect. they believe the man was armed and a child in the room, so the s.w.a.t team called in extra help from the union city
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and fremont police departments. >> looking at the toe tall tee of the -- the totality of the circumstances and previous contacts, we were heightened to the p so int where we -- to the point we activated our special weapons and tactics unit. >> the suspect's family says his name is eric joseph antiveras, junior. they walked out of the room with hands in the air. it turns out there was no child in the room, but the suspect's girlfriend is pregnant. a gunman is on the loose in san francisco after he shot and killed a man in broad daylight. the shooting happened at 26th and treat streets in the mission district. it was just after 4:00 this afternoon when police were notified. a crowd gathered at the scene when officers arrived. police say the gunman ran off right after he opened fire. it has been six months cincy cincy -- since sierra lamar disappeared while on her way to school. people gathered to honor her. lilian kim reports from morgan hill. >> they spent six months
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grieving, searching and hoping. that's how long 15-year-old sierra lamar has been missing. >> that's a long, longtime, too long. it is heartbreaking. it really is. >> to commemorate the six-month anniversary of sierra's disappearance, family, friends and volunteers took a balloon with an attached card and each wrote a personal message to her. >> i wrote, come home. your friends and family pray every day for you >>- q. i see yarr raw dis-- >> sierra disappeared on the ways to the bus stop near her home. based on dna evidence they found in the car and on her clothing, but no mention on her accused killer. the focus was on sierra. >> one, two, three. >> we love you, sierra. >> in all 100 balloons were released in the air. red was one of her favorite colors. as comforting as it was to be
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together, those who love sierra couldn't hide their pain and sadness. she is her sierra's mother. >> i love her to pieces and think about her even more now than i ever have. i just miss her. >> search volunteers say they haven't lost hope. they say they will continue to do what it takes to find her. >> we are not going to give up until that girl is here. one way or the other. >> a core group of 50 or so volunteers remains committed as ever, the total number of people helping out in the search has dwindled. organizers hope the six-month milestone will inspire people to volunteer. they meet every saturday at 8:00 a.m. here at the former burnett elementary school. in morgan hill, lilian kim, abc7 news. a concerned bay area daughter is in nebraska tonight looking for her dad who has been missing since friday. 69-year-old charles dowd, a firefighter, is described as fiercely independent by his
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daughter. he was taking amtrak to canada to meet his son. he never made it to the windy city, but may have been seen in omaha. >> he does have medical needs and needs his medication for high blood pressure and heart disease. he is diabetic. for medical reasons we obviously want him -- we need to know where he is. >> this is the facebook page that's been created called find charlie dowd. jennifer is meeting her brother in omaha where they will pass out pictures of their dad. they continue to actively search. in napa county, crews called off their search late this afternoon for a fisherman who fell into the napa river. 26-year-old jose ernesto mangana plunged off the bridge into the napa river around 2:45 this morning. his friends called 9-1-1 and that triggered a search along the banks of the river. a coast guard helicopter from the sky. the search is expected to resume tomorrow.
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a resident reported seeing a mountain lion. the person who called police said a very large cat jumped on to the roadway and then ran off. police responded that they didn't find anything, but they went door-to-door in the neighborhood to warn residents. >> the wildfire burning near the 405 freeway in los angeles is now fully contained. the 90-acre fire broke out friday afternoon. it raced through dry brush and steep terrain and came close to the get tees center art museum. about 150 firefighters battled the flames and water-dropping helicopters played a big role in beating back the fire. the crews are still on the scene tonight watching for any flare ups. there were no injuries and no structures burned. still to come, more tension in the middle east. three attacks in three days in afghanistan, and tonight more concerns on u.s. embassies overseas. >> the reno air race wraps up. the new rules to make fans
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safer. >> and in you austerity measures? what governor jerry brown says he will do if his tax plan doesn't pass in november and what he is doing right now. jay we have low clouds and fog pushing in through the golden gate and through the bay. looks like a cooler weather pattern for the first part of the workweek.
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in afghanistan after four u.s. troops were killed today by the very afghan policemen they were working with. it comes after the taliban launched one of its biggest attacks ever on the coalition base. abc news reporter mohamed leila has the details.
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>> it is supposed to be one of the safest bases in the country, so fortified no one could ever breech it. on friday night, the unthinkable happened. 15 taliban fighters wearing american uniforms blew a hole through the outer wall. stormy inside with automatic rifles, suicide vests and grenade launchers. >> the taliban were able to execute this attack in a quite professional manner. they were able to do reconnaissance posing as farmers and watching how the marines worked on base, where they worked. >> all coalition bases have several lines of defense. the taliban were able to breech almost all of them and nearly hit their target. >> that target, the airfield at camp bastian where prince harry is. word is he was whisked away to a safer location the moment the attack happened. the insurgents went on to destroy eight carrier jets worth $20 million each, three refueling stations and six aircraft hangars. the last attack where so many u.s. aircraft were destroyed at once, more than 40 years
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ago during the vietnam war. >> this was a very deliberate well-planned, well-executed attack that created chaos and mayhem on a base that should have been more secure and should not have happened. >> and late this evening another incident that is causing tension here. nato is confirming that the airstrike has lead to civilian casualties including half began women and children. >> 51 international service members have died at the hands of their afghan allies or those who have infiltrated their ranks this year. >> the lebanese militant group hezbollah has called for a demonstration against an american-made film that many find offensive. he went on tv urging his fathers to join protests like this one where hundreds of lebanese people burned american and israeli flags. >> and in pakistan, police fired rifles to break up a
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protest at the american consulate in karachi. but the crowd broke through barricades and reached the outer wall. one protestor died while 18 others were hurt. all-americans at the diplomatic mission are reported safe. the final day of the reno air races began with a tribute to those who lost their lives during a horrific accident a pilot and 10 people died when a plane crashed into the box seats which made planning this year's event difficult. they were not sure if they would have a show until last month. some people did notice a difference. >> because of the impact of what happened last year, i did hear one vendor say they noticed there were less children here this year. >> that happened once in 45 years. there is a lot more chance of dying from eating a cantaloupe from going to the reno air races. >> organizers admit attendance was down this year, but they are already planning next
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year's 50th anniversary celebration. governor jerry brown says he is willing to live on the cheap if they turn down the proposition. he told the san francisco chronicle he ate a two-day old tuna fish sandwich to prove his point and he will not replace things in his office. it will temporarily raise the state sales tax and increase tax on the wealthy. he said, quote, we have to pay for what we want. if you have been getting a lot of those annoying automated sales calls lately and you are on the do not call list, you are not uh loin. the federal trade -- you are not alone. they are saying the so-called robocall ropes since 2010. basically tele marketers are out smarting the federal government. they use a technique making it look like the calls are coming from another phone number. the robocalls have become a bigger problem in recent years. leigh glaser is here to tell you what is in store for your workweek. >> cooler temperatures for
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monday and tuesday, and then we will rebound a little as we head toward the latter part of the workweek. slow going with low clouds and fog. could obscure some visibility especially near the coast and the bay. the high definition rooftop cam is showing the clouds starting to move in over the financial district and live dopler 7hd has a nice handle on this. some are high clouds as well, but you can see the fog bank sitting just off the coast. westerly winds are picking up. cooler air directions, so all of this will slowly move inland overnight tonight. over toward gilroy and hollister is reporting overcast conditions and even throughout the salinas valley. keep that in mind if you have early-morning travel. here is current readings, 64 in antioch and 53 in san francisco. it is 50 already in santa rosa and getting ready for a chilly temperature or a chilly night there temperature wise and 57
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in san jose. we will go with low clouds moving inland and the cooler trend will begin for the bay area tomorrow and linger through midweek. and then after that we will warm up slightly by the latter part of the workweek. this is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and you will notice unlike today with the stronger westerly winds, the overcast, the marine layer is going to move further inland. concord, walnut creek and maybe as far east as danville, you will probably wake up to the overcast, looking for mist and drizzle near the coast. 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow most of this peels back to the coast. we will keep it foggy and temperatures in the 50s. 60s around the bay. 70s and things are cooling down inland out tore -- out toward livermore and concord. and then we will nudge in a few mid to low 80s the further east you go. the jet stream is dipping close to the bay area. so as that low sits there, the
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counter clockwise spin will just increase the westerly winds and we will see more low clouds and fog the next couple days. cooler and breezy through tuesday. here is a look at the lows, upper 40s in the north buy otherwise we will see 50s and temperatures will start to come down a few degrees. san rafael 72, 76 in santa rosa. san francisco, great start. you will probably see a little partial clearing late in the day. the wind will pick up. the westerlies with gusts close to five teen miles an hour. antioch cooling to 84. 82 livermore. 74 for san jose. looking for 68 for santa cruz and salinas. 67 dries. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. a little warmer on thursday and friday. back up into the mid80s inland with near 60 degrees at the coast. the last day of summer will be friday and fall arrives on saturday. woo-hoo. mike will be here at 4:30 with
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an update. >> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports. a big match up at the sticks. >> fall has arrived, and i know you weren't happy about it. 49ers kick off their home opener in prime time against the lions. this was a physical battle. alex smith took one on the nose and kept on taking.
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the 49ers take no one for granted hosting the lions on prime time tv and jim harbaugh's formula of stout defense. the offense is reaping winning results. it is a pre game handshake and that is jim schwartz. alex smith had some up his sleeve. a 21%yard td pass and 7-049ers. roughing the kicker and pass interference call. frank gore rumbles one yard and he ran for 89 and 14-6 niners at the half. the niners defense held the line for three field goals and pressuring matthew stafford
11:25 pm
all day. now, this 13th play and six-minute drive andy pit myselfs the diversity. michael crabtree with three first down catches. frank gore and kendal hunter kept chipping away at the lions' defense and then alex smith, bloody nose and all caps it with a 23-yard pitch and catch to davis. 226 yards and stwo td passes. 49ers are 2 and 0 with another victory. >> another win on a big stage sunday night against a really good opponent, playoff team last year. a game that came down to the wire. >> a lot of areas where we didn't finish. we try to correct those things and move forward. we brought in ran knee moss -- randy moss to help us in that aspect. i think we are making strides right now.
11:26 pm
all we have to do is keep our focus. >> all right, raiders in miami and got off to a good start in late first quarter. carson palmer dull pes one off and he goes 65 yards to the touch. 10-7 raiders at the half. the raiders manage 23 yards rushing and it was downhill from here. reggie bush went off in the second half. breaking four tackles here. he goes 23 yards and 14-10 and bush ran for 172 and two scores and raiders fall to 0 and 2, 35-13 your giants. giants on a losing slate, and we will show you after a quick timeout, and we can't forget your plays of the day. it was a great weekend around
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the chargers retired junior seau before facing the titans. chargers are now 2 and 0 with a 38-10 victory.
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the cowboys and seahawks. seattle blocks the punt and johnson scoops and scores. seahawks are 1 and 1 with the upset of the cowboys. roethlisberger airs it out and wallace makes a nice adjustment and keeps both feet inbound. steelers beat the jets. browns and bengals and andy dalton connects with hawkins, watch him go. he is playing dodge ball with brown defenders. cuts back sports the end zone. giants and the bucks. josh freeman lets it fly to mike williams. a great over the shoulder grab, but the giants come back to win it 41-34. luck gets his first envelope victory winning it 23-20, and those are your plays of the day. giants and dodgers both losers today. the g-men remain 7 and a half up on l.a. in the national league west. they pretty much clinch their division and now can fine-tune their game for a post season
11:31 pm
run. vogelsong's struggles continue. opposing pitcher corbin with a triple. four r.b.i in the day. really? the pitcher? diamondbacks up 5-2. in 3 and a third innings he allowed 7 runs and walked 4 and struck out 6. and then upton crushes this one. he added three r.b.i and d-backs avoid the sweep with a 10-2 victory. giants host the rockies on monday. a's and/or yells and -- and orioles and he jumps on the first pitch and see ya. the second of the game and 3-2. then in the 6th and he strikes out steven drew. that sets an a's record for most strikeouts in a season with 1227. they either strike out or hit home runs. he rectifies that with a homerun. it wasn't enough and they prevent a sweep. a's lead and it is now two games and three back of the rangers in the west. number nine in the polls with their win over usc to drop to
11:32 pm
13th. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. clarification, ama is a 49er fan, but she has a friend who is a detroit fan. >> that's right, i have a friend. >> leave it at that. up next, the race for the white house and president obama's plan to beef up his foreign policy. >> and the royal battle between william and kate and the tabloids heats up. wewe will tell you what is happening tomorrow. >> and a baby born in the most unlikely spot, and the special treat she gets for life.
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i'm alan wang. >> and i'm ama dates. in today's headlines, an electrical shock and explosion forced the closure of the bart civic center station. the trains going through san francisco were shutdown for an hour. 24r* were no reports of injuries. monday is the one-year anniversary of the occupy movement, and there are several scheduled demonstrations tomorrow. some protesters are already camping out in front of the bank of america building in san francisco. a wanted man lead police on a chase before holing up in a motel 6 in newark with his girlfriend. s.w.a.t teams were called in. the suspect surrendered peacefully after about four hours. and balloons were released and a prayer said at the sierra lamar search center in
11:36 pm
morgan hill. today is the six-month anniversary of the 15-year-old's disappearance. we have breaking news from the peninsula. residents of a san mateo apartment building have been told to shelter in place. that order after a resident reported a chemical smell in the lobby. a hazardous materials team was dispatched to the building, but so far they can't find a source of that smell. president obama is expected to launch a new trade enforcement case against china tomorrow. officials say the action targets china's subsidees for automobiles and parts. the action comes as the presidential challenger mitt romney accuses obama of being weak on foreign policy. now, the latest on the race for the white house. >> the economy has dominated the race for the white house. last week a rare detour in foreign policy after the deadly attack in libya that left an american ambassador dead and the violent protests across the middle east. mitt romney slammed the obama administration's policies in
11:37 pm
the region. >> the world needs american leadership. the middle east needs american leadership. >> and the president told cbs news that romney's initial response to the unrest was flat out wrong. >> governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and name later. >> but it was a quiet weekend on the campaign trail. yesterday romney stopped by one of his grandson's soccer games outside boston. and today his only campaign event, a rally in colorado was canceled after a small plane crashed at the airport where he was scheduled to land. election day is just over seven weeks away, so was this day a wasted opportunity for romney who is facing an increasingly challenge to the white house. romney is behind in every poll. the biggest battleground prizes, ohio, virginia and florida. so it is no surprise that that's exactly where president obama is campaigning this week. romney's schedule has not been
11:38 pm
announced burkts she trying to talk to a group in los angeles. but he is facing an uphill battle. four years ago, president obama won 67% of the hispanic vote. this year polls are indicating he could do even better. karen travers, abc news, washington. due to bad weather nasa postponed the final flight of the space shuttle endeavor for 24 hours. it will now be tuesday when the endeavor piggybacks the jumbo jet and flies for a brief stopover. the endeavor, the youngest of the shuttle fleet flew 25 missions and circled earth more than 4600 times. and three crew members from the international spacestation are back home tonight. they landed about two hours ago in kazakstan after spending more than four months in space. this is video from the so souz space capsule as they undocked
11:39 pm
from the spacestation. they have been in orbit since may. british royals william and kate arrived on the solomon islands today after the drama over the publication of topless photos of indicate overshadowed their trip. boob wood we bob woodruff was with them. >> a truck decorated as a war canoe. the legal battle with the tabloids just beginning back home. even though these islands are isolated, the people here know all about it. >> are people here talking about the scandal? >> it is understood. >> everybody says it is unfair? >> extremely unfair. >> the scandal erupted on friday when the topless pictures appeared in the french magazine. the palace quickly announced it would sue. but yesterday another blow. this time a newspaper in ireland which printed the pictures again. the palace fired back. there can be month no
11:40 pm
motivation for this action other than greed. now an italian magazine is expected to publish a 26-page feature hinting at even more intimate photos of kate. >> it looks like we are looking at so far three publications have printed these pictures. who knows, the question is will there be more? >> and williams' anger is stirring. reports in london says he wants to testify against the accused if there is a trial and send them to jail. his dislike of the paparazzi has been evident sips his mother, princess diana, was killed 15 years ago with cameras in pursuit. >> he has made no secret of the fact that it is his number one concern to protect kate, to make sure she doesn't suffer a similar fate. so he is really going to do everything he can. >> now this legal battle will be heading toward the court in france and perhaps other countries down the road as the royal palace put it, they are considering all proportion gnat responses. abc news, solomon islands.
11:41 pm
well, a new hampshire baby has nascar tickets for life after being born in a speedway parking lot. yesterday shawna arnold and her boyfriend were racing to the hospital when her contractions began. shawna screamed at him to step on the gas. >> i can't drive any faster! i can't drive any faster! i'm like, i'm not gonna make it, i'm not gonna make. it i had a contraction and stood up and said i am not going to make it. my water just broke. >> the boyfriend pulled into the new hampshire motor speedway parking lot and began to deliver the baby himself. luckily an emt was nearby and helped get shawna and five-pound baby katie to the hospital. the speedway gave katie tickets for life because racing is now definitely in her blood. quite a pitstop. all right, still to come, the new concern about kids and salt. how much they eat and why it is such a growing problem. >> and the new energy that could help fight obesity. how it works when we come
11:42 pm
back. >> we will also take another look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast and get you traveling tomorrow heading back east. don't forget the
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and salt. according to the centers for disease control american children eat just as much salt as adults, and it is a thousand milligrams too much every day. it is already creating problems.
11:45 pm
according to the study 15% already have high blood pressure. the study is published on-line in the journal pediatrics. another new study finds americans living in rural areas are more likely to be obese than those in urban areas. the university of kansas study found that cultural diet and physical isolation are the two biggest reasons. the study appears in the journal of rural health. there are dozens of energy bars on grocery store shelves these days, but a bay area research group is about to begin testing on a different kind of bar that could help obese teens fight off debilitating diseases. >> this is decaf espresso cinnamon. >> he wants to take a bite out of obesity and some of the diseases associated with it. to help his team at cory, the children's hospital research institute have come up with the cory bar. jay we decided make we can -- >> we decided we can make a super vitamin in a bar. >> they combine vitamins, minerals and fiber over the
11:46 pm
course of a decade. they noticeddent from combinations had different affects such as balancing the factors that help the body control various types of cholesterol. >> and now we are to the point where we can raise hdl and lower ldl and lower your insulin resistant and do all of these wonderful things. >> the theory is many obese people are actually starving, not for cal cal ray res, but minerals and vitamins no the in foods. it can be compounded by subsequent damage to the digestive tract. >> the body is reacting to those things coming across the vulnerable gut wall. >> he helped tweak the formula and the bar's flavor which he describes as barely edible. the usda helped to manufacture the bar so they can be used in wider clinical trials. and right now researchers are launching a new trial to see if this bar could help with
11:47 pm
the symptoms of another disease often associated with obesity. >> this is the first time we have done a trial on people who have an obesity-related condition. we are going to do a trial on adolescent hoe bees asthmatics. >> the asthma study will involve two groups of obese teenagers. both will receive coaching on diet and customer, but -- diet and exercise, but they will also test the affects. >> we have shown that it actually improves insulin resistance and improves anti-oxidant defenses. these are the same bio markers that are elevated in the obese and the obeses a -- asthmatics. jay whatever the outcome, they believe the information willied to a better understanding of the relationship between diet and disease. it will perhaps lead to commercial versions targeted to specific populations and conditions. >> and cheap, and it works. >> abc health and science reporter carolyn johnson
11:48 pm
reporting there. the trials are on going. to learn more go to our website, all right, let's get to leigh glaser and find out what is ahead for our workweek weather wise? >> let's do a little traveling first. leaving sfo tomorrow morning with the low overcost and maybe flight delays, so expect that. heading to los angeles, 83 degrees. boy, they were in the hundreds all weekend. much cooler air mass settling into southern california. san diego will see the fog tomorrow, 76. now, if you are traveling back east, just a massive area of showers and isolated thunderstorms from the tennessee valley all the way down toward the southeast. so a wet, wet pattern there. st. louis 79. 79 in at plan -- in atlanta. we will get to heat near phoenix, 100 degrees and 83 with a little sunshine for seattle. early start tomorrow, clouds and mist and drizzle, 40s inland and 50s near the coast. and then we will see some partial clearing inland by n into.
11:49 pm
temperatures warming to the 70s there. 50s at the coast. it will be a cool day there. and by 4:00 mid to low 80s with some cooling there. 70s around the bay. upper 50s at the coast. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, a much cooler air mass settles over us monday, tuesday into wednesday and thursday and friday we will warm things up. saturday, fall arrives. >> looks fantastic. thank you, leigh. and potential a's playoff game tickets go on sale tomorrow. what do you think, shu? a possible giants-a's series? >> we could have that, but we will not have a raiders-niners super bowl, i can almost guarantee that. jim harbaugh wants to utilize everybody on his roster and he did that tonight against the lions. everybody had a chance to touch the football. it took that
11:50 pm
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division 1 team. leave your ego at the door and be effective without the ball. jim harbaugh and the lions head coach with a little pre game handshake. no fights, nothing. alex smith. a little trickery up his sleeve. 67 yards and 72 seconds and the pass to vernon davis and 7-049ers. after roughing the kicker and
11:53 pm
a pass interference here on randy moss, frank gore will take it in from one yard out. he ran for 89 yards and 14-6 niners at the half. >> made great plays. we kept going. >> the niners defense held the line at three field goals and pressuring matthew safford. then this 6-minute drivey pit myselfs the niners diversity. michael crabtree, three first down catches. frank gore, kendal hunter kept chipping away at the defense. and then alex smith, bloody nose and all caps it with a pitch and catch to vernon davis. he was 226 yards and two td's and no interceptions and 49ers are 2 and 0 with a 27-19 victory. >> michael crabtree getting those big first downs, and we
11:54 pm
knew it would be a tough, close, aggressive bell ringing game, and it was. >> all right, the raiders struggle down in miami. carson palmer finds mike good son here. he lead it 10-7 at the half. they only had 23 yards rushing. it was all downhill from there. reggie bush went off in the second half breaking four tackles here. today's theme was missed tackles. always a problem for the raiders. it is 14-10. and reggie wasn't done. he takes this handoff, and no one will catch him. 65-yard touchdown run. bush had 26 carries for 172 yards and two scores. raiders fall to 0 and 2, 35-13. a's and o's in a wild card battle of vowels. baltimore prevents a sweep, but the a's set a new franchise record. first pitch and that's out of here. his second of the game. o's are on top 3-2.
11:55 pm
and then in the 6th he strikes out steven drew. that sets the record for most strikeouts in a season. either strikeout or hit home runs. there is drew and he came back with the homerun. the orioles prevent a sweep with a 9-5 victory. they cut the lead in the wild card to two games. the giants and diamondbacks and vogelsong has been struggling. the pitcher rips this one down the line. a bases loaded triple. the diamondbacks up 5-2 and three and a third innings vogelsong and walked four and struck out six. and then upton, see ya. d-backs avoid the sweep. it is 10-2 your final. let's tee it up with the british open. they beat paula kramer and that's the longest in tour history. she sets a new standard across the pond. 36-hole day due to inclement weather and ends with a
11:56 pm
beautiful sunset. from the beach on 16. stops two feet from the pin. makes a little sandy birdie and then on 18 taps in to win her second british open title. she was the only player under par setting a record with nine strokes. her second win in seven days. nascar, the race for the sprint cup and somebody tell travis he has a carjack under his car. he comes out of pit row ahead of jimmy johnson and takes the lead. johnson's crew chief complained about possible cheating, but when it was all said and done he holds off johnson and claimed the checkered flag and wins the guy co 400. 21-9 in this week's poll. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. jim harbaugh reminds me of bill walsh. he makes every roll just as important as everybody on that team no matter what your roll. i used to sit on the bench and warm the aluminum for joe montana when he came off. that role was just as
11:57 pm
important as everybody's. >> absolutely. >> you did a great job. >> i made that3transition from wooden benches to aluminum. >> all right. >> thanks, shu. >> that's it for this edition of abc news. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thanks for joining us p you can get our alarm clock app from the apple app store.
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